Monday, February 1, 2010

Witch & Wizard Review Isabelle Gilman

Which Witch & Wizard?
by Isabelle Gilman

Witch & Wizard by James Patterson
Brother and sister Wisty (Wisteria) & Whit (Whitford) Allgood never thought that there would be anything different about them. Living in the Overworld, life seems normal. The New Order (N.O.) is getting more powerful, and people start disappearing. Wisty and Whit don’t have time to think about the N.O., nor do they care about it. Life is complicated enough in high school, until one night. The night the workers for the N.O. burst into the Allgood house and claim Wisty and Whit are a Witch and a Wizard. About to be taken away, Wisty bursts into flames, not knowing how to control it. Once the fire dies down, they were taken away forever, or at least until they are executed, unless there is a way to escape. With the New Order against them will they be able to live, or will they never see their parents again?
James Patterson writes a suspenseful story, where you never know what is coming next. I like how each chapter changes perspective between Whit and Wisty. This story keeps you biting your nails, each time you turn the page. Although written in a current time, it is interesting learning about a completely different place, people, and government. This book would be great for anyone who likes mystery, fantasy, suspense, and excitement! This story is a good read and it is hard to put the book down!

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