Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goddess Girls Review by one of our Bunny helpers, Isabella, Age 10

Have you herd the names Athena and Persephone before? If you have you would know that they are two Greek Goddesses. If you have not heard of them then now you know who they are. Goddess Girls is two books in one. The story about Athena is called Athena the Brain. Athena finds out that when tough times come, friends can lead the way. The book about Persephone is called Persephone the Phony. This one is about how Persephone learns that friends won't get mad if you say your real opinion. You also learn about Athena and Persephone's family. The book are bout problems and how to fix them. Mount Olympus Academy is a lot like regular school. Although it does not have the same classes as we do it is a regular school is different ways. There is a bully, friends, and the people you take classes with.

That is all I can tell you about this book. You will find out more when you read it. I really liked Goddess Girls and highly recommend it.

Age 10

These books are available Spring of 2010 for ages 8-12years.